March for Science

March 10, 2017

Join the March for Science on April 22

PhDnet officially endorses the March for Science on April 22.

As a society, we have benefitted immensely from decades of scientific breakthroughs. Progress demands that we continue to push the boundaries of reality through ethical scientific research. Bearing this in mind, we have to continue to support the endeavors of scientists around the world. At the moment, we as scientists are being challenged by uninformed skepticism regarding the work that we are doing. In order to prevent the loss of knowledge (or the transfer of misinformation), it is increasingly important to support movements that promote the advancement of scientific research. We, the association of all doctoral researchers at the Max Planck Society, firmly advocate for a society that champions for scientific and societal progress.

To learn more about March for Science visit the international or German website.

Find the closest march neare you or participate in Instagram with #whyImarchforscience.

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