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Career and Event Group

"No soft skills required for us, we're scientists and we just have to do more science and more experiments." Sounds quite familiar? But in today's competitive research world a scientist should be able to speak in front of large audiences to tell about their research, write research papers, articles and applications for various research grants. Here comes the role of soft skills.

What seminars?

Project Management, Time and Self-Management, Speed Reading, Scientific Writing, Scientific Data Management, Presenting, Science Communication in the Digital Age, Job Hunting; These are only a few possible topics to choose from. Get inspired by our collection of seminars and trainers or find your own topic. Your director, IMPRS etc. might also be able to help you with that.


The PhDnet has an annual funding for soft-skill seminars. If you have decided on a seminar, make sure there are people at your institute that would like to participate and find a room where the seminar is going to take place. Then write a (basic) proposal for the specific soft-skill seminar you want to do including the costs (trainer, travel costs, accommodation) and send this to the financial officer (Cornelia van Scherpenberg, scherpenberg (at) for approval. Once you have the approval, book the trainer, book the room, and enjoy the seminar!

We truly hope all of you can soon benefit from some new, useful soft skills.

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