Secretary Group

Secretary Group

The main task of our group is to collect and disseminate important information to all PhD candidates in the Max Planck Society. In addition, the secretary group helps every Max Planck Institute with the election of their External Representative.

If you are a representative at your institute and you want to get the latest information from us, subscribe to the PhDnet mailing list. If you want to contact us, just write us an email ( or directly contact the General Secretary.

Information collection and dissemination

Our group collects important information for all PhD candidates in the Max Planck Society, and shares this information online via:


We aim to further strengthen the contact among all institutes. Therefore, we will work hard to ensure that PhDs in all institutes are represented and can attend the General Meeting. This is why we, together with the Steering Group, want to visit local institutes to discuss common issues e.g. contract vs. stipend, health insurance and spread the word about PhDnet. Tell us if you'd like to have one of us at your institute.

External Representatives Elections

In 2015, new statutes were approved in the General Meeting describing the official procedure for the election of External Representatives. The secretary group collects the information of all elections, keeping open track and records, and helps setting up an online platform for institutes that decide to do the election online.

In case you are interested in knowing more about this online platform, please contact the General Secretary of PhDnet. If you want help from the Secretary Group to organize the online elections of the External PhD Representatives, please contact the person responsible of your section.

If you are not sure to which section you belong, just have a look at our list of Representatives. After every External Representative election, a record of the election and an acceptance statement signed by the elected External Representative has to be handed in to the General Secretary.

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