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Visions in Science Group

The Scientific Event Workgroup of PhDnet organizes an annual interdisciplinary conference, where doctoral researchers from the full variety of Max Planck Institutes can meet and study off-field topics in order to encourage exchange and collaboration. This event takes place during the course of three days in early fall, and consist of talks by inspiring and leading scientists as well as workshops were their “visions” are discussed between doctoral researchers and speakers.

This year, in collaboration with the Planck Academy and the Max Planck PostDocnet, we are happy to present the Max Planck Career Evolution: From Science2Industry. This event starts with a series of webinars and podcasts throughout 2020, where we are going to be in contact with various Max Planck Alumni and Industry Partners. The event is going to focus on facilitating and clarifying where the Industry stands when it comes to hiring Early Career Researchers and what are the Dos and Don'ts that someone aspiring to foster their career should be aware of.

More specifically, the central theme of the webinars is to bring seemingly two different worlds of science and industry, which have much more in common than one used to believe, closer to each other. We have prepared an exciting programme for you featuring experienced coaches, invited special guests, discussions with professionals from industry and many other exceptional opportunities to boost your career development. For your most convenience the webinars will be recorded. In case you are not able to participate in the online direct translation you will have a limited access to the learning material. During the discussion and meet-the-talent sessions you will have a unique chance to learn and improve transferrable soft skills, inquire on the details of the jobs you are highly interested in, exchange with professionals and alumni of MPG, expand your professional network.

We are going to cover topics from Pharmaceutics, FinTech, and Publishing to Data Science, Scientific Communication and Soft Skills for an Industry professional. The event is going to end in 2021, with a presential conference in the Harnack Haus with the Industry Partners and many experts of different fields. Further details about this event will be released later this year, stay tuned!

For more information about the previous and upcoming conferences, visit our homepage or and keep an eye on the PhDnet's instagram and facebook account, where we will be announcing most of our events.

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