New Offspring magazine 2020

For one year, we have been busy - posting articles on the Offspring blog, editing and recording the Offspring podcasts. Check out the final result, our Offspring Magazine 2020, featuring interesting topics such as mental health, the summer of open science, CRISPRs!, Black Lives Matter and of course, the podcast!

November 04, 2020

Another term of the PhDnet is coming to an end. Every year in autumn, when the PhDnet General Meeting is taking place, new working groups form. What seems like an end is also a new beginning - for new ideas, new workgroup coordinators, new members but also for our Magazine that is coming to life!

This year was wild. Many things were going on and also the Offspring team was busy covering all these events:

  • Mental health was a tough challenge this year, especially during times of Corona lockdown but we got some tipps for you to help you through the winter
  • Our article Black Lives Matter - Black Minds Matter looks into our responsibility to ensure that science becomes a safe place for everyone
  • Throughout the summer, we raised awareness for open science - find out what it is, how preprints work and what the pandemic has to do with it!
  • Other things are distracting us this year but let's face it - climate change is still an issue! Read about climate-friendly business trips and sustainable lab practices to make a change in your daily life
  • This year, you also have the chance to find out about the greatest achievements of our steering group and the PhDnet, get to know the different workgroups and of course, get an introduction to our podcast
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