Each year at the General Meeting workgroups are formed, which are the main acting organs of the PhDnet. They coordinate specific tasks within the PhDnet, organize events or collect and distribute information to the doctoral researchers.
The main focus of the Social Media workgroup is to spread information related to the Max Planck Society to all doctoral researchers by actively promoting events, initiatives, content and recruitment efforts.

At Social Media PhDnet, we believe in the power of collaboration, awareness, and knowledge sharing. [more]
The main task of our group is to collect and disseminate important information to all doctoral researchers in the Max Planck Society. [more]
We are responsible for maintaining the PhDnet website, the mailing lists and to provide websupport to all other workgroups. [more]
The PhDnet General Meeting is an annual meeting of PhD representatives and interested doctoral researchers of the Max Planck Society. [more]
Need help now? Contact us at or, for more privacy, contact our coordinator directly at [more]
Acknowledging the strength in unity and communication, the Offspring group has designed a platform where ideas can be expressed and experiences shared. Not only does Offspring produce an annual newsletter but also fosters the frequent publication of articles on our website. [more]
The Survey Group regularly conducts surveys with current doctoral researchers within the Max Planck Society (MPS). These surveys provide an invaluable body of data that allows the PhDnet to make informed decisions about the future course and goals of the doctoral researchers and our relationship to the MPS General Administration. [more]
The Open Science working group consists of several subgroups with the common goal of making knowledge accessible to everyone worldwide. In order to do this, we pursue a variety of approaches starting locally at the Max Planck Institutes and reaching a global publicity on an international conference, such as OpenCon. [more]
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