Career Evolution

Career Evolution

Web Series: From Science2Industry

The Career Evolution Web Series: From Science2Industry is offered by the Industry Track of the Planck Academy in collaboration with the PhDnet and PostdocNet of the Max Planck Society.
It particularly addresses Doctoral Researchers, Postdocs and Research Group Leaders but is also open to any interested party of the Max Planck Community and its friends.

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Upcoming events

21.01.2021 4pm – 5pm Dr. Jan Michel Falcke – Recruitment practices in Sanofi – postponed

28.01.2021 4pm – 5pm Anne Grewlich-Gercke – Recruiting practices at Allianz

                  5.30pm – 6.30pm Dr. David Alich – Director of Deals/Advanced Analytics at PricewaterhouseCoopers International, MP Alumni

04.02.2021 1pm – 2pm Leila Masri – IMPRS Coordinator

                   4pm – 5pm  Dr. Robert Ian Etheredge – Senior AI Engineer, Cinemo

11.02.2021 4pm – 5pm Dr. Samu Melkko – Senior Principal Scientist at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

18.02.2021 4pm – 5pm Dr. Lars Krüger – DZNE, Technology & Innovation management in Academic Insitutions

25.02.2021 4pm – 5pm Dr. Elizabeth George – Detector Engineer/Physicist at European Southern Observatory

Workshops with Planck Academy trainers.

* Schedule can be subjected to change.

Past events

23.07.20 4pm – 5pm Isabelle Schiffer - Scientific Spokesperson at Forever Healthy Foundation

30.07.20 4pm – 5pm Victor Bustos - EiR at Apollo Health Ventures

06.08.20 4pm – 5pm Vijay Shankar Balakrishnan - Journalist, Writer, Podcaster, Soft Skills trainer

13.08.20 9am – 10am Anne Grewlich-Gercke – The Industry Track of the MPG

20.08.20 4pm – 5pm Carlos Cristiancho – Corporate innovation at Evonik

27.08.20 9am – 10am Imke Rajamani – Social Science innovators

03.09.20 4pm – 5pm Robert Kraus – From PI to project management

10.09.20 4pm – 5pm Patrick von Born – E.ON Inhouse Consulting

17.09.20 4pm – 5pm Thomas Äskov Pedersen – Scientist at Novo Nordisk

24.09.20 4pm – 5pm Thomas Koch – Science management

01.10.20 4pm – 5pm Martin Ellmers – McKinsey

08.10.20 4pm - 5pm Fit for industry? Recruitment training with Rainer Schmidt-Rudolff from Infineon

15.10.20 4pm – 5pm Chris Armbruster – Data Scientist

15.10.20 5:30pm – 5:60pm Should I stay or should I go – How to decide for or against a career in academia

22.10.20 4pm – 5pm Nataliya Limbach-Malyar – Project Engineer, Outokumpu Nirosta

29.10.20 4pm – 5pm Edith Chorev – Data Sciencist at FactoryPal

05.11.20 4pm – 5pm Chris Armbruster – From Science to Data Science

                5pm - 6pm Matthias Girod - Secretary General of Euroscience, Popularising Research to the Broad Public

12.11.20 1pm – 2pm Anne Schreiter - Executive Director at German Scholars  Organization, Women in Leadership

                4pm – 5pm Daniela Vorholt – Project leader at Miltenyi Biotech

19.11.20 4pm – 5pm Chris Armbruster – Key Trends in Data Science

                5pm – 6pm Stefan Raß and Carina Stöttner - 2b Ahead ThinkTank

26.11.20 3:30pm – 4.30pm Yvonne Brockhaus – Jobs on a silver plate in times of Corona

                5pm – 6pm Bosch AG – Industry talk about recruiting practices

03.12.20 4pm – 5pm Maria Schotik – Medical writing after PhD

                 5.30pm – 6.30pm Eva Willnegger -  Patent Lawyer in industry and practice

10.12.20 1pm – 2pm Kelly Sheehan-Rooney - Head of Fellowship Programme, EMBO

                 4pm – 6pm Nicol Keith/Christoph Köller – Horizon Scanning

17.12.20 4pm – 6pm Nicol Keith/Christoph Köller – Horizon Scanning

14.01.2021 4pm – 5pm Dr. Julia Mohrbacher – DIGIHUB Südbaden

21.01.2021 5.30pm – 6.30pm Devika Thapar, Wilbe – What does it take to become a science entrepreneur?

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