Social Media Group

The main focus of the Social Media workgroup is to spread information related to the Max Planck Society to all doctoral researchers by actively promoting events, initiatives, content and recruitment efforts.

At Social Media PhDnet, we believe in the power of collaboration, awareness, and knowledge sharing.


How We Work:



Event Promotion: We actively promote and report on events organized by other workgroups within the PhDnet and the Max Planck Society but also other events for early career scientists. This not only ensures that these events gain the attention they deserve but also helps doctoral researchers discover and participate in them.



Content Promotion: We are dedicated to sharing and promoting valuable content from the IMPRSs, MPS, MPDL as well as other PhDnet workgroups. By highlighting and amplifying their initiatives and resources, we contribute to a more comprehensive and informed academic community. This includes application calls, research papers, funding opportunities, and more.



Sharing PhD Life Experiences: Explore the human side of PhD life through our platform. We share personal narratives, anecdotes, and reflections from candidates, offering a glimpse into the diverse experiences within academia. Our goal is to foster camaraderie among researchers, providing insights and advice on navigating the challenges of PhD life.





Recruitment Support: Is your workgroup looking for new members? We're here to help you find the perfect fit for your team. We promote calls for new members within our network, giving your group the visibility it needs to attract talent.




Get the Word Out:


Are you planning an event within the Max Planck Society or have an upcoming initiative that you'd like to share with a broader audience? Do you want to tell something about your PhD experience? We are your ally in spreading the word. Let us know about your event, and we'll help you increase awareness and participation within the community. Join us in this mission to stay connected, collaborate, and share knowledge.

Stay tuned for updates, events, and opportunities by following us on our social media channels. Together, we'll build a stronger, more informed, and more connected MPS PhD community.







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