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We would like to highlight what we as a steering group have been up to thus far. Earlier this year we received the confirmation of 30 days of vacation. The number of vacation days has been a major topic for the SG over the last years. We would like to thank everyone before us who worked on making this a reality. more

There are not many comprehensive datasets allowing conclusions about the status of doctoral education and the shape of the science ecosystem itself. Today we have published the result of a survey, based on 2522 replies from doctoral researchers (DRs) in the Max Planck Society (MPS). more

Today the Max Planck Society (MPS) has made a change to the Fördervertrag, equally granting all doctoral researchers (DRs) in the society 30 days of vacation retroactively starting from 01.01.2019. Furthermore, the transfer of remaining vacation days from the previous year is now possible until 31.12 of the following year. more

Parenting and PhD

September 11, 2018

In March this year Julia Misersky (PhDnet Section Representative Humanities, on maternity leave for now) asked parents about their positive experiences as well as problems that they face as doctoral researchers with children within the MPS. We received more than 40 replies from Moms and Dads which we summarized and distributed to all PhDs via their external representatives. more

As PhDnet we speak for the over 5000 doctoral researchers (DRs) currently associated with the Max Planck Society (MPS). Our primary goal is to advocate for the physical and mental health of DRs as well as the advancement of their careers. Furthermore we see ourselves as integral part of the MPS and want to help maintain its scientific excellence while striving to be an employer that acts in the best interest of all its employees. more

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