Offspring magazine 2021 out now

January 18, 2022

Offspring… It is as much a group of enthusiastic people as the wealth of news and interviews on PhD-related topics that we give birth to. While all year long you can follow our podcasts and interviews, it is now time for you to discover our latest baby: the 2021 Offspring Magazine. It is bold, colorful, funny, and educational. Here is what 2021 brought into our lives.

While the essence of the PhDnet is to bring people together, it feels good from time to time to refocus on our personal life experiences, both the good and the bad ones. 2021 has been agitating, and new challenges may lie ahead, but fear not, your Offspring Magazine is there to equip you with tools to fight, help, survive, and finally live in this dangerous world.


One proven way to influence your environment is to set a good example and inform others properly. On the topics of health, climate and society:

  • You can first read how the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines work in order to properly debunk fake news. 

  • Then, you will be able to address pollution at your workplace thanks to detailed articles on laboratory waste. 

  • And further in the Magazine, the German controversy, dubbed #IchBinHanna, will bring you back to summer when the government hailed short-term, high-turnover contracts for scientists, and got a strong backlash from the whole community.

Survive & Help. 

The tools to defend yourself and others against a poisonous culture can take multiple forms. 

  • At the mental health level, actions and interactions are truly necessary: Zoom might not be what you think, and initiating events on the mental health topic is much easier than you’d expect. 

  • In case of necessity, which happens often, you could lend a trained ear to friends and colleagues in need by becoming a “Safer” person.

  • And to complete the toolbox, famous, successful, or simply knowledgeable persons shared their recommendations, advice, and personal experiences to get by in everyday life.


At the center of our 2021 issue, we realized that introspection would be the simplest way yet to help everyone deal with their doctorate.

  • In the short term, unfinished projects could be worrisome, while, in the long term, it is easy to overlook all that you have indirectly learnt during your research. Here are some comforting thoughts.

  • In the distance, your motivation might fade while being disconnected from your experimental apparatus, or more abstractly from the society you are living in. Well, we have good news for you: it can come back, and, in particular, participating in the PhDnet would both allow you to build strong friendships, and make you feel that you are working for a better world.

All this in our latest Magazine: read it online, or in print at your local doctoral representative.


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