Web Group

Web Group

We are responsible for maintaining the PhDnet website, the mailing lists and to provide web support to all other workgroups.

In our function as webgroup, we maintain the PhDnet website and the @phdnet.mpg.de mailing lists to share information and help communication and exchange within the PhDnet. We provide support to all other workgroups with regard to the website, mailinglists or other web-related topics.

Your workgroup page needs an update, you're unhappy with the layout, need hints on design or want to try something fancy, e.g. an interactive figure? Get in touch! We help you figure out how to improve your web content.

Are you organising an event and want to increase visibility and provide information, e.g. the schedule, on our website? Let us know, so we can create an event, set up an events page and upload text and images you provide!

We try our best to keep all information up to date, however, we need your help for this. Please let us know if information changes, you see any typos or have any suggestions for improvement. We appreciate your feedback!

Got curious about our work? Just reach out to us! All you need is motivation to develop new skills and some patience for trial and error ;) You'll be rewarded with small mastering experiences, friendly "thank you" mails and the great feeling of being part of a community.

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