Offspring magazine 2022 out now

January 13, 2023

Offspring… It is as much a group of enthusiastic people as the wealth of news and interviews on PhD-related topics that we give birth to. While all year long you can follow our podcasts and interviews, it is now time for you to discover our latest baby: the 2022 Offspring Magazine. It is bold, colorful, funny, and educational. Here is what 2022 brought into our lives.

This year has been a mix of things, it started out as a good one, with us getting our booster shots and learning to live with COVID after having it as a big part of our lives for the past 2 years, but then we got news about the devastating war taking place in Ukraine, and the adverse effects that is experienced everywhere in the world. Through all this, there have been some positive changes taking place on a more personal level for us DRs: we were able to travel, attend conferences/meetings, meet larger groups of people...

After watching news over the year, reading about the on-goings (politically and scientifically) around the world, as the Offspring Magazine working group, we have chosen ‘communication’ as the main focus of this year’s edition. The rise of anti-vaccine protests, ever-lasting discussions about climate change... All these issues are important to be communicated scientifically and without any miscommunication, which is what we try to emphasize in this year’s Offspring Magazine issue.

Additionally, not to overwhelm ourselves with such serious topics, we also have articles about PhDnet and life as a DR:

  • How things are different across the border: changes experienced by a Dutch researcher in Germany after she moved to Germany
  • Book recommendations! Since our team consists of enthusiastic readers, we also summarize a few books you could check out if you are interested
  • Additionally, the podcast team has been working hard and had a great year with over 20,000 listeners from all over the world! You can also read about parts of some of the very interesting interviews.
  • Lastly, we had a great time at the General Meeting 2022 this year where the PhDnet met after three years! We discuss here the different working groups, introduce the new Steering Group and summarise what working groups are currently working on.
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