Offspring magazine 2021 out now

Offspring… It is as much a group of enthusiastic people as the wealth of news and interviews on PhD-related topics that we give birth to. While all year long you can follow our podcasts and interviews, it is now time for you to discover our latest baby: the 2021 Offspring Magazine. It is bold, colorful, funny, and educational. Here is what 2021 brought into our lives. more

<strong>Is there a gender bias in how academic leaders are </strong><strong>criticized</strong><strong>?</strong>

Recently, 145 female scientists signed an open letter to challenge the way the Max Planck Society (MPS) manages power abuse cases involving female directors.
Find our statement on the topic below presenting our latest survey results filled by more than 2400 of 5000 doctoral researchers of the MPS. more

New Offspring magazine 2020

New Offspring magazine 2020

November 04, 2020

For one year, we have been busy - posting articles on the Offspring blog, editing and recording the Offspring podcasts. Check out the final result, our Offspring Magazine 2020, featuring interesting topics such as mental health, the summer of open science, CRISPRs!, Black Lives Matter and of course, the podcast! more

The PhDnet General Meeting 2020

Save the Date!
The PhDnet Gerneral meeting will happen online; next month from the 4th till 6th of November.

#BreakTheStigma - watch out for our Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Each year in autumn, we focus on mental health - an important topic for well-being that is often kept quiet about. From October 5-10, 2020, we will #BreakTheStigma and talk, learn and share. This year, the format is 100% virtual! more

Launch of re-structured website - to find information more easily

After intense weeks of discussions and Tuesday evening work on the PhDnet website, we are happy to launch the "re-structured" PhDnet website. We hope that important information is now accessible more intuitively. more

PhDnet survey results 2019 are out now!

We have waited with excitement for results of last year's survey and are pleased to announce that the results are out now! more

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