Season 2

Episode 6 – Implicit Biases and Impostor Syndrome in Science ft. Prof. Dr. Marla Feller

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In this episode, Allison and Sandra continue their conversation with Prof. Dr. Marla Feller about being a woman and a mother in science. We talk about gender discrimination in scientific environments and about the role implicit biases play in the process of applying for grants. We discuss the Impostor Syndrome, the effect it had on us and our academic lives, and Marla shares her strategies for overcoming the feeling of self-doubt and fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. To learn more about Marla’s scientific journey, watch her talk on feeling like an impostor while switching research fields from Physics to Neuroscience or read about her on Picking Brains to challenge your stereotype of what a “typical” path to becoming a scientist is. Read about gender-specific language in grant-writing in this study.

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