Season 2

Episode 8 – Communicating (in) Science: Reaching the Public ft. Dr. Christina Beck

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In this episode, Niko and Srinath continue their conversation with Dr. Christina Beck, now talking about communicating science to the outside world. They emphasise the necessity of clear and transparent communication with policymakers and general public, especially on such important and often debated topics as animal research or genetic engineering. Chrisina talks about what Max Planck Society is doing to facilitate such conversations and about the commitment it has made to introduce young scientists to science communication. Christina also stresses the importance of science communication being a dialogue, in which the scientists take their audience seriously and speak to them on the same level. For more information on My Machine and Me, check out #mymachineandme on Twitter and MPS website. Learn more about Tierversuche Verstehen Initiative and check out the MPS Youtube channel.

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