Season 2

Episode 15. What are Microalgae? ft. Dr. Jean-Francois Sassi

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We have all the hosts for the Podcast on this episode: Srinath Ramkumar, Nikolai Hoermann, Allison Lewis, Adrian Lahola-Chomiak, Sandra Fendl, and Beatrice Lansbergen.
We discuss which topics we plan to cover over the coming weeks and months. In this episode, Beatrice and Niko talk to Dr. Jean-Francois Sassi, international expert and R&D manager at the Algae Processes and Technologies at CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).
Jean-Francois works at the intersection of science and industry, with the mission of assisting industry and increasing the technology readiness level of research. His job requires translating the business requests of the consumers, i.e. different companies in the industry, into the needs that can be addressed using microalgae.
Today, Jean-Francois provides an introduction to the world of algae, specifically microalgae, and talks about their uses in the production of a variety of items, such as food and food supplements, cosmetics, fuel, and numerous materials, among them bioplastics.

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