Season 2

Episode 21 – SpiroChem and Spirocyclic Molecules ft. Dr. Thomas Fessard

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In this episode, Bea talks to Dr. Thomas Fessard, founder and CEO of SpiroChem, a Swiss fine chemicals company that specialises in the design, synthesis, production, and commercialisation of novel building blocks for use in drug discovery.
Thomas tells the story of SpiroChem, from founding it 10 years ago to growing into its current state of having a worldwide customer base of the top pharma companies and one of the largest, most diverse collections of building blocks that can be used by pharma to assemble.
Thomas gives an introduction into spirocyclic molecules and the use of AI in computational chemistry to generate novel molecules in silico. He also talks about the automation of the chemical industry and how a company can protect its intellectual property from being lost.

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