Season 2

Episode 24 – Cultured Meats ft. Benjamina Bollag from HigherSteaks

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In this episode, Bea and Srinath talk to Benjamina Bollag, founder and CEO of HigherSteaks, a UK-based cultured meats company that aims to recreate meat, starting with their first project, pork.
Benjamina talks about the process of recreating meats: from taking a cell through guiding its growth in a bioreactor to creating the meat itself. Benjamina’s main motivation for founding HigherSteaks was to create a business that would have a high positive impact on people, and to this end, the cultured meats are a way to get rid of the dependency on the meat industry, while also targeting animal cruelty, antibiotic resistance, and related environmental issues.
Together, our hosts and Benjamina discuss what it is like competing with a huge industry and founding a company with specialists from a diverse range of areas to enter a completely new market.

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