Season 2

Episode 27 – Can you Control Stress? ft. Dr. Mathias V. Schmidt

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This is the second part of our episode dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Week.
In this episode, Bea continues her conversation with Dr. Mathias V. Schmidt, a Research Group Leader at the MPI of Psychiatry, this time focusing on the environmental factors that cause stress and how lifestyle changes can help us mitigate our stress.
We discuss how stimulation might be beneficial for stress resilience, and talk about the possible interventions and ways to take control in stressful situations.
Mathias highlights some of the most common symptoms of chronic stress and the signs that should encourage you to seek help. We specifically focus on the power of social interactions as a buffer and on social conflicts as one of the strongest stressors.
We also discuss the differences between anxiety and stress, and the problems that could be caused by long-term exposure to either one.

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