Parenting and PhD

September 11, 2018

In March this year Julia Misersky (PhDnet Section Representative Humanities, on maternity leave for now) asked parents about their positive experiences as well as problems that they face as doctoral researchers with children within the MPS. We received more than 40 replies from Moms and Dads which we summarized and distributed to all PhDs via their external representatives.

The responses varied a lot but positive experiences mainly correlate with positive relations and attitudes of supervisors and group leaders.  Negative experiences have various reasons and are outlined in more detail within the summary. One of the main concerns are lack of information and guidelines. To tackle these, a working group within the MPS will focus on solving existing problems and prepare best-practice examples.

Additionally, PhDnet is putting together a FAQ that will also include a parenting chapter to have information easily accessible. We are really happy Julia is putting a lot of effort into this important topic and getting the working group started. Becoming a Mom herself, she understands the needs of PhD with children well. Together with the PhDnet, she strives for a better future for parents within the MPS. We wish her and her little family all the best and thank all of you who gave their input.

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