Newsletter PhDnet Steering group (January – June 2019)

June 20, 2019

We would like to highlight what we as a steering group have been up to thus far. Earlier this year we received the confirmation of 30 days of vacation. The number of vacation days has been a major topic for the SG over the last years. We would like to thank everyone before us who worked on making this a reality.

Additionally we want to raise attention to the recent social media campaign highlighting what D octoral Researchers (DRs) will do with their 10 more days. Last month the 2018 survey was published. We strongly suggest t he PhDnet representatives inquire about their institutes ’ results and present the results at their institute. In order to do so just send an Email to the survey group ( ) . We believe comm unicating the results will facilitate change within the MPIs and also start di scussions locally about what can be improved.

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