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Episode 13. Mental Health Awareness Week with the Mental Health Collective ft. Barbara Šafarić and JD Rolfes

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In this episode of the Offspring Podcast, Srinath and Niko talk with Barbara Šafarić and Julian D. Rolfes (JD) from Mental Health Collective of the Max Planck Society (MPS). They are a grass roots movement to bring awareness to mental health issues within the MPS and try to help dealing with them. Especially, with the frightening results from the PhDnet survey, the issue of mental health is becoming more important than ever. In our discussion, we try to figure out how to deal with mental health on a personal level but also if people around you are affected. Furthermore, we hope to bring awareness to the different institutions that can help you on a professional level. If you or someone you know might be affected by mental health issues, it is nothing to be ashamed of but rather something that needs to be addressed properly.

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