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Episode 14. Who Are We? The Steering Group of the Max Planck PhDnet ft. Lindsey Bultema, Cornelia Van Scherpenberg and Julia Van Beesel – Part 1

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In this episode of the Offspring Podcast, Srinath and Niko talk to Lindsey Bultema, Cornelia van Scherpenberg, and Julia van Beesel from the Steering group of the Max Planck PhDnet. We discuss their roles as Spokesperson, Deputy Spokesperson and General Secretary, and how the Steering Group works within the PhDnet. These episodes are a part of a series which aim to shed light on the various roles in the Steering Groups and the roles of the Working Groups within the PhDnet which enable the body to function. Stay Tuned for next week as we talk to the other three Steering Group Members who are the Section Representatives.

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