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Read our newest Issue of the Offspring magazine here.

Offspring magazine

Read our newest Issue of the Offspring magazine here. [more]

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Acknowledging the strength in unity and communication, the Offspring group has designed a platform where ideas can be expressed and experiences shared. We aim to help Max Planck PhDs communicate across Germany and encourage young scientists to share their outcomes, to teach and learn from each other, and to support one another in our daily endeavors.

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The Offspring and Equal Opportunities Tribute to Ben Barres

February 27, 2018
By Constanze Depp, Maria Eichel & Renée Hartig [more]
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The Offspring Magazine: Issue 2017

November 13, 2017
By Leonard Borchert, Matthew HK Cheng, Mayank Chugh, Ana Rita da Costa, Maria Eichel, Renée Hartig, Raed Hmadi, Vinodh Ilangovan, Alina Jeschke, Kristin Krause & Yorick Peterse [more]
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The Mental Health of PhD Candidates

October 31, 2017
A workshop at the Max Planck Alumni and Early Career Researchers meeting on improving mental health conditions [more]
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