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International Women's Day: why is it important?

March 08, 2017
by Mariana Armond Dias Paes & Bjørt Kragesteen [more]
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Offspring and Equal Opportunity present: Awareness Months

February 22, 2017
by Yorick Peterse, Juan Bermejo-Vega & Alice Cezanne [more]
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New Issue of the Offspring Magazine

November 18, 2016
by Leonard Borchert, Matthew Cheng, Mayank Chugh, Vivienne Groner, Renée Hartig & Yorick Peterse [more]
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In Conversation with Professor Marja Timmermans

October 11, 2016
Interview by Mayank Chugh [more]
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Report of the 14th General Meeting in Göttingen

June 01, 2016
by Leonard Borchert [more]
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Welcome to Offspring - now as a Blog!

June 01, 2016
by the Offspring Editorial Team [more]