Offspring Magazine - The Podcast is now available!

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For us at Offspring, everything is about communication! We are successfully running our Offspring Magazine for the 13th year/edition now, have produced short videos with interviews and conquered social media. But this is not enough: We are also producing our own podcast now!

Our goal is to share information with early career researchers. Besides making the exciting but sometimes challenging process of getting a doctorate more transparent, we also want to raise awareness about career options in- and outside of science. As a workgroup of the PhDnet, we want to take on responsibility to help push the changes that we need in science. Thus, we will also focus on problems in academia by discussing topics such as Open Science and research assessment.

Our podcast series is hosted by two doctoral researchers of the Max Planck Society, Srinath Ramkumar and Nikolai Hoermann. You can find it through your favourite way to listen to podcasts:


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