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Jana Lasser
Jana Lasser

MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen

Spokesperson of the PhDnet

Mohamed El Brolosy
Mohamed El Brolosy

MPI for Heart and Lung Research, Bad Nauheim

General Secretary

Greta Giljan
Greta Giljan

MPI for Marine Microbiology, Bremen

Financial Officer

Maria Eichel
Maria Eichel

MPI for Experimental Medicine, Göttingen

BMS Representative

Severin Daiss
Severin Daiss

MPI of Quantum Optics, Munich

CPT Representative

Angela Aguinaldo
Angela Aguinaldo

MPI for foreign and international criminal law, Freiburg

Humanities Representative (Replacing Julia Misersky while she is on maternity leave)

About the PhDnet

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Steering Group

The Steering Group is the main contact between PhD candidates and the Headquarters of Max Planck Society in Munich. They coordinate the communication within the PhDnet and outside of it. The members of the steering group are elected annually at the General Meeting and assume office each year on January 1st.

The Steering Group consists of a spokesperson (SP), three representatives for the different sections (BM/CPT/GSH), the financial officer and the general secretary.

The members of our current Steering Group are:

  • Jana Lasser (Spokesperson)
  • Maria Eichel (Biology & Medicine)
  • Severin Daiss (Chemistry, Physics, and Technology)
  • Angela Aguinaldo (replacing Julia Misersky while she is on maternity leave) (Humanities)
  • Greta Giljan (Financial Officer)
  • Mohamed El Brolosy (General Secretary)

Agenda 2018

The agenda for 2018 is available here:

We are always open for input on any topic! For this, questions, and advice don't hesitate to contacts us via sg (at)

We are looking forward to an interactive year!

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